Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Vegan Experiment

Now that I'm not running all the time, I was wondering what I should do with  myself.  The solution?  Go vegan for a week.  Pretty appropriate after I just posted an entry featuring an entire dead bird.  I don't really know why I chose that, but I wanted to see if I could do it and I've read that foregoing dairy can help the skin, which I really need right now.  So, one week, no dairy, no meat, no refined sugar or any of those other things that vegans aren't supposed to eat (there's a huge list.  I looked it up online and was a bit daunted).  Think I can do it?

Yesterday (Saturday): shopping day!  Going shopping for vegan food is kind of hard, and took me about forever.  First I had to read a ton of labels, and I already cheated a little bit because my enchilada sauce has sugar in it (less than 2%, I swear!).  Whatever, it's not like I'm foregoing my honey face masks either, so I'm already in the hole.  Anyway, first to Stauffers, which my father refers to as the Mennonite Wegman's, a fairly accurate description.  How I love their bulk foods aisle!  Then to the health food store, then the regular grocery store.  Oy.  $80 later I came home and unloaded all my fancy new purchases, having already done the menu planning.  A stocked fridge makes me so happy, even if there isn't any cheese in it.  Oh, and for future reference, if I refer to butter, it means vegan buttery spread.  Sunday begins the actual experiment, so stay tuned.

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